An Oligarchy of Plutocrats and Corporations Corrupt and Control Congress. Only the People Can Restore our Democratic Republic.

A very successful Solution to the Problem was discovered just once in all of history.

The Citizens themselves could propose solutions to difficult problems. A very large grand jury decided if each proposed solution was worthy of consideration by all Citizens. When one was found, the jury presented it to a meeting of all Citizens, who considered it and finally voted on it. This gamechanger process is fast enough to clear the backlog of problems and keep up with the speed of Oligarchy mischief. It is a Solution enabling multiple problems that are beyond Congressional capability, to be solved concurrently over just a few years.

The ancient Athenian city-state invented this system: it was a total gamechanger. Athenian citizens called it democracy. It proved so successful that in 186 years Athenian culture became the foundation of all Western Civilizations. New England town halls adapted it, but no one believed that all the people could communicate in a larger community.

Today, instant Internet communications, social media, and air transportation are again a total gamechanger. The Athenian Solution is feasible today. If the ancient Athenian citizens could do it 2,500 years ago, surely we can do it today! Even if it takes a little difficulty.

A Democratic Republic is essential for governance of the United States. But we have the wisdom and knowledge of all our Citizens, including all in government, to make a few profoundly difficult decisions beyond the capability of our Government. The People have the right and duty to alter our Constitution; we should and can adapt the Athenian model to manage these profound decisions.

Athenian citizens called a proposed solution “probouleumata”; we call it a Direct Initiative. Athenian voters called their grand jury the “Council of 500”; we call it the “Initiatives Qualifying Assembly” or (IQA). Public debate we call free speech and freedom of the press. Voting by all the people we call Federal Elections. The People voting on Direct Initiatives emulate congresspersons voting the People’s will.Direct Initiatives Grand Jury Qualifying Assembly – a Gamechanger Solution

The Solution ensures that no Government entity is involved or can interfere. The system is incorruptible, with many safeguards including a repeal safeguard. The IQA is well designed and large enough to manage itself and make wise decisions. Operations are one week each month; costs are modest. Funding is an entitlement of the People. The IQA is an exact portrait (a mirror) of the People, assuring relevant initiatives and saving voters’ time. The Oligarchs cannot bribe because the Grand Jury is too large a risk, strongly protected from tampering; penalties penetrate corporate shields and include mandatory jail. The initiative system provides the cure for Citizen frustration. Long-term issues can be addressed because no one is running for election.

Drafts of the Solution’s Initiatives Amendment, the Government’s Constitutional Orders, and the IQA’s Governing Rules are included in this website. They are lengthy because we must anticipate and prevent Congressional interference at all stages.

Our republican form of government will continue unabated, except that the People will have on-going power to correct it when Government becomes misrepresentative, ineffective, or corrupt. It continues our United States’ great experiment in government, perhaps even reestablishing our world  leadership that Oligarchy destroys.

What the People Will See of The Initiatives Solution:

Citizens Propose Initiatives

Small groups of Citizens and qualified U.S. organizations will write the proposed initiatives. Small groups tend to be far more creative than large groups. Some examples are a blue ribbon panel, a study group, a self-selected team of the nation’s best minds, government insiders and ex-congresspersons, crowdsourcing, a nonprofit organization , or any group of at least 25 ordinary Citizen Authors and Supporters. They propose Initiatives for federal legislation and constitutional amendments by publishing them in a specific newspaper, category, and day of the week and the newspaper posts them to the IQA’s web site.

To control a flood of Initiatives, an initial fee of $10,000 will probably decline over time. For encouragement and reward, when Voters approve their Initiative, Authors share $1 million and Supporters share $50,000. A Citizen may propose one Initiative every two years .

Citizens’ On-Line Feedback

All proposed Initiatives, modifications and comments will be available and searchable on-line from the IQA’s web site in the form of web blogs or successor technologies.

After registering a valid Internet ID (or by publication), U.S. Citizens’ and qualified U.S. organizations will improve Initiatives by providing feedback on proposed Initiatives, participating in opinion polls, etc.

IQA Qualifies Initiatives

The IQA consists of 500 randomly selected Citizens (an accurate cross-section of all Citizens eligible to vote—a mirror or exact portrait of the People). It does what a large group does well—it deliberates and ranks the proposed Initiatives and chooses the best after a process of deliberation, duplicate team evaluations, expert help, feedback, elimination, etc. The IQA may suggest corrections and/or improvements to the Authors and the Authors may re-propose their Initiative.

The IQA will be independent from government, controlled by the People through Initiatives, meet monthly, protected to a higher degree than a Federal Grand Jury, extremely safe from tampering or media exploitation.

The final selection will be from Initiatives that have passed all the safeguards and will not overburden the Voters. At each general election, about ten to fifteen qualified Initiatives will go on the ballot as Candidate Direct Initiatives.


In addition, the IQA may submit up to twelve Candidate Indirect Initiatives to Congress over each two-year period. Congress may modify them, may or may not pass them, and they are subject to Presidential veto.

Indirect Initiatives are appropriate when the Authors believe that Congress will support them, thereby saving the nationwide Electorate much time and effort.

If Congress or the President decides not to take appropriate action, the Initiatives can still go on the ballot as Direct Initiatives.

Citizens Vote on Initiatives

The people make the actual decision to approve or reject Candidate Direct Initiatives by voting at general elections. When a Legislative Initiative passes, it becomes law that neither Congress nor the President can overrule; when a Constitutional Initiative passes it still needs ratification by majority vote of the People in each of 38 States.


How the IQA is Controlled by the People:

The United States Constitution

The U.S. Constitution established by the People is the source of the IQA’s authority.

This constitutional Amendment specifies that the IQA shall be responsible to the People. It grants the IQA broad powers so that additional Amendments will not be needed each time new circumstances are encountered. However, an initial set of rules is adopted by the constitutional Amendment creating limits on these broad powers. This permits the IQA to have functioning Rules when it is first convened, but without access to more authority than it initially needs.

Part 1 Rules

IQA Charter Rules that can only be changed by Direct Initiative passed by the Electorate

The Direct Initiative Rules can only be changed by Direct Initiative passed by the Electorate.

It is here that the People exercise their continuing high-level control over the IQA. For example, the People must approve any changes to: the IQA budget, its size, Members’ maximum term of service, method of selecting Members, Members’ remuneration, the maximum period of time that Congress may not overrule legislation passed by Direct Initiative, and the maximum number of Initiatives on the ballot.

Part 2 Rules

IQA Bylaws that can only be changed by a two-thirds supermajority of the IQA

The Supermajority Rules help the IQA fine-tune its operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness and define rules that should not be changed easily. For example, a supermajority must approve any changes to: content and format of Candidate Initiatives, discipline, the conditions for excusing those selected from serving as Members. Sometimes a Supermajority Rule places further constraint on a Direct Initiative Rule, for example, IQA Membership size.

Part 3 Rules

IQA Rules of Order that can be changed by a simple majority of the IQA

These Majority Rules take care of the day-to-day operations of the IQA. Sometimes a Majority Rule places further constraint on a Supermajority Rule. Robert’s Rules of Order are incorporated here.

2 responses to “Solution

  1. Every eligible voter may be chosen to be an IQA grand juror for about one week a month over a year. Jurors are selected randomly from all voters, so there is a chance that you will be chosen but it is not high.

    If you really want to change the government system, the way to do it is to join with a group of Citizens and propose an Initiative that will solve the problem. All Proposed Initiatives go to the Initiatives Qualifying Assembly of Jurors and they select the best Initiatives for the People to vote on at the next General Election.

  2. How can we become an IQA grand juror? Our gov. is out of control and no longer listens to us or upholds their oaths.

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