An Oligarchy of Plutocrats and Corporations Corrupt and Control Congress. Only the People Can Restore our Democratic Republic.

Wealth and capitalism are not part of the Problem because they are vital to our economic success. Politics cannot solve the Problem because Congress is so obligated to the Oligarchy that it hardly matters which party is in power.

Neither the President nor the Supreme Court have the Constitutional power to solve the Problem; our checks and balances were not designed to address it. The Supreme Court even made the Problem worse by two decisions (Citizens United and McCutcheon), which authorize unlimited and untraceable funds to support the Oligarchy’s candidates.

The States have the power to solve some problems by repeated Article V Amendments as envisaged by the Founders (Fed. 43Fed. 85). But in 240 years, the States have not once enforced Article V.

The situation is likely to deteriorate. The Oligarchy strengthens and extends its power in Congress, State Legislatures, Presidential Cabinet, and the Supreme Court. It punishes defectors. For example, if an elected official does not obey the Oligarchy, at the next election the Oligarchy will select and finance another, and ensure loss by the first. This threat alone usually ensures compliance. It explains things like lockstep voting; and votes that for the People are irrational or unconscionable.

Today, 6 giant companies control 90 percent of media.In 1983, 50 companies controlled 90 percent of US media. Today, 6 giant companies control 90 percent of media. They work steadily to make the People fearful and compliant. This is key for Oligarchy’s control and a prerequisite for Authoritarianism.

Any effective solution must be commensurate in speed to Oligarchy’s actions. This is a critical factor in repeatedly constraining Oligarchy and in defining the Solution’s form. Otherwise, Oligarchy’s speed, agility, and perseverance overcome the Peoples’ existing impractical and ponderous options.

Our Congress neglects the 14 examples of serious and harmful problems appearing below, but the People want and need solutions. The central big Problem is that most problems will currently average about 10 to 20 years for any resolution – well over 100 years to consider just these problems: