An Oligarchy of Plutocrats and Corporations Corrupt and Control Congress. Only the People Can Restore our Democratic Republic.

Initiatives Amendment Pledge

This is a written promise by legislators, representatives, members, and candidates for State Legislature and Congressional offices that commits them to support the Initiatives Amendment. An up-to-date Internet list of their pledges or lack of pledge will be maintained and easily accessible. This method will be used to advise the People of their candidates’ position on and support for the Initiatives Amendment in successive elections:

Representatives should sign a Pledge to support the Initiatives Amendment
Corrupt Congress

Initiatives Amendment Pledge

I, ___________________________, pledge to the citizens of the ________district of the state of _______________ and to the American people that I will:
1. support any and all efforts (including federal functions) to adopt and implement the U.S. Initiatives Amendment; and
2. oppose any efforts to prevent or delay any step or action needed to assure the prompt accomplishment of the U.S. Initiatives Amendment.


(This follows the precedent of the very effective Taxpayer Protection Pledge (State Legislator ATR Pledge, Congressional ATR Pledge), president Grover Norquist.)