Initiatives v Oligarchy

Our Founders' Warning: “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Will Voter Demographics at Elections Affect Campaign Success?

Voter demographics are of great importance to the success of this Constitutional Amendment. The following table shows the demographics for the 1998 elections:

Turnout by Voter Group Voting Age Population Percent Registered Number Voted Percent Voted Percent of Total U.S. Vote
1998 U.S. Totals 183,450,000 67.1 83,098,000 45.3 100
Male 87,713,000 65.7 39,391,000 44.9 47.8
Female 95,738,000 68.4 43,706,000 45.7 52.1
White 143,651,000 69.3 68,068,000 47.4 78.3
Black 21,613,000 63.7 9,044,000 41.9 11.7
Hispanic 12,395,000 55.2 4,068,000 32.8 6.7
Asian & Pac 4,344,000 49.1 1,404,000 32.3 2.3
Data from the Federal Election Commission.

The left column shows that Black, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islanders (for convenience called non-white, and regretting that this terminology, though usual in U.S. statistics, is inappropriate) represent 20.7 percent of the actual voters. U.S. Census Data show that males represent 49 percent of the population, so male non-white voters are 10.1 percent of the total. Female voters both white and non-white are 52.1 percent of the voters. Together, female and male non-white voters therefore comprise 62.2 percent of the U.S. voters.

The results are similar for the 2002 Elections:

Turnout by Voter Group Number Voted Percent of Total U.S. Vote
2002 U.S. Totals 110,826,000 1
Non-Hispanic White Male 42,359,000 0.3822
Female and Minority Men 68,467,000 0.6178
Data from the Federal Election Commission.

The IQA will have seven times more females and 2.7 times more non-whites than Congress. Consequently, the 62 percent of all actual U.S. voters, who are seriously under-represented in Congress, will have fair and equal representation on the IQA. Demographic groups whom Congress pervasively under-represents will be highly motivated to support this Constitutional Amendment.