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Our Founders' Warning: “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Excessive Hardship Excuses Defined

The following definitions will be used as guidelines by Federal Courts to help define excessive hardship that would be incurred by attending IQA meetings. Hardship shall not generally be considered extreme if another qualified person or persons can periodically assume the responsibilities of the selected person who is otherwise able to attend the IQA.

  1. Persistent contagious disease that could seriously harm other Members and cannot be cured within two months.
  2. Physical or mental incapacitation that will last more than two months and would prevent participation in the IQA’s work.
  3. Pregnancy with complications that require absence for more than three months.
  4. Ongoing obligations of a critical nature where others would suffer grave harm as a result of the selected person’s periodic absence.
  5. The following are some examples of circumstances that do not generally qualify as excessive hardship. The IQA will not generally provide any additional compensation.
    1. A doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, priest, executive or other highly skilled person whose basic skill is available from others in the community.
    2. A military person on active duty during time of war.
    3. A state assembly-person.
    4. A diplomat.
    5. A civil servant.
    6. A student.
    7. A mother of children five years old or younger who normally cares for the children, where a qualified relative or professional is willing to provide the care, perhaps with additional modest compensation from the IQA.
    8. The owner of a small business where another qualified person is willing to run the business, perhaps with additional modest compensation from the IQA.

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