Initiatives v Oligarchy

Our Founders' Warning: “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Direct Democracy Guidelines

The IQA  guidelines shall ensure that direct democracy Initiatives comply with the Constitution. In order of priority, it shall focus on advancing Initiatives to:

  1. Check and balance, provide oversight, and remedy representative democracy, but not supersede it.
  2. Set policies, principles, objectives and limits so that government shall best benefit the general well-being. In order that the nation’s assets shall be available to serve the long-term well-being of the People, the IQA shall foster:
    1. Reduction in waste for all forms of the nation’s assets.
    2. Increasing all forms of the nation’s assets.
    3. Promotion of effective efficiency-i.e., doing the right things well for the right objectives.
  3. Resolve issues of importance to the People that the government has not addressed adequately, because, for example, government:
    1. Is politically unable to take them up.
    2. Will not resolve them because Congresspersons have a personal conflict of interests.
    3. Will not resolve them because to do so would be contrary to the wishes of a set of special interest groups.
    4. Is otherwise unwilling to resolve them.
    5. Has neglected to deal with them.
  4. The IQA shall avoid focusing on advancing Initiatives that:
    1. Address problems that are at core symptomatic and/or intractable, however emotionally appealing (unless they tackle the core problems).
    2. Will incur significant expenditures, but are unfunded (unless the funds are created by the Initiative or the costs are relatively small).
    3. Comprise nationwide actions that could effectively be tried and proved first at a willing State level (unless they support a State trial).
    4. Compete with or nullify Congressional legislation (unless the People clearly wish it).

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