An Oligarchy of Plutocrats and Corporations Corrupt and Control Congress. Only the People Can Restore our Democratic Republic.


The Campaign objectives are for 34+ States to call a Limited Article V Convention to propose the Initiatives Amendment followed by 38+ States to ratify the Initiatives Amendment.

There is a huge difference between a Limited Article V Convention (i.e., limited to a specific Amendment) and a General Convention (i.e., at which any amendments may be introduced, and its consequences are unforeseeable). In either case ¾ (38) of the States must approve the Convention’s outcome. Congress’s Congressional Research Service and many other authorities explain and confirm these issues in detail.

As a first campaign step, the People should oblige State Legislators, Congresspersons (for insurance), and all Candidates to sign the U.S. Initiatives Amendment Pledge or forgo their vote, and make all voters aware of the Candidate’s stance. As necessary, filtering of Candidates at successive elections will eventually prevail for both Amendment Application and Ratification; time and right are on the People’s side.Campaign for States to call a Limited Article V Convention to Propose the Initiatives Amendment


The People value initiatives, They are used in 24 States, many cities, and counties. Direct Constitutional Initiatives are available in 16 States, potentially enabling the Solution to be added to each State’s Constitution, giving it permanence and authority. In another 8 States, Legislative Initiatives are powerful, but can usually be revised by the State Legislature. Combined, they represent 63 percent of the States needed to ratify a U.S. Initiatives Amendment.

If substantial financial support is available to fund State Initiatives and press the Pledge, success can come in a few years. But it can take very many years if it is entirely a grass roots effort. Draft examples of the Campaign Representatives’ Pledge, State Initiatives, State Referendums, and State Legislation are included in this website.

If you believe this Solution is worth examining, start an email cascade circulation of this website address ( with a suggestion to continue the cascade. Similarly, use your social media to pass on the message. An organization will be needed in each State to interface with their State Legislatures.

As of early 2017, there are indications that the Oligarchy want their Congress to call a Constitutional Convention between elections. They can pursue this covertly using their dark money in Congress and the States to set the agenda. It increases the urgency of an Initiatives Amendment and may encourage philanthropists to help. The Peoples’ options to resist Oligarchy’s expansion between elections are primarily marches, mass meetings, public disobedience, and riot.

Finally,since nothing new is absolutely assured of success, the Initiatives Amendment is automatically and gracefully repealed after 10 and 20 years unless the People reaffirm their desire to keep it.

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