Congress has created a Plutocracy of rich persons and corporations: The People must restore our Democratic Republic.

1.3: Initiatives Qualifying Assembly

This Constitutional Amendment authorizes nationwide United States Citizens’ Ballot Initiatives. It establishes the Initiatives Qualifying Assembly (IQA) of the United States to manage the initiative process.

The Assembly shall consist of a randomly selected cross-section of the People, function independently, protected from tampering, responsible only to the People, and funded by the U.S. Government as an inalienable entitlement of the People.

Explanation of Initiatives Qualifying Assembly

The Initiatives Qualifying Assembly is an independent self-perpetuating organization of the People.

This clause is potentially sufficient if Congress completes the details. However, since Congress is the source of most problems, the People cannot allow Congress to furnish the details. Consequently, this Amendment is lengthy and has two references.