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2.4: Initiatives Passed by Electorates’ Vote

A Direct Initiative shall take effect when passed by the Electorate’s vote and immediately after certification of the vote. A Direct Initiative shall not be subject to any veto. Congress shall not change or overrule a Direct Initiative except as permitted in the Direct Initiative.

Congress does not have the power of Referendum and shall not attempt to create it except by a Constitutional Amendment. A later Direct Initiative, or a nationwide Referendum with the same voting criteria as the Direct Initiative, may change or overrule an earlier Direct Initiative or Referendum.

Explanation of Initiatives Passed by Electorates’ Vote

The People cannot permit the President to veto Initiatives or the Congress to overrule Initiatives; otherwise the government could easily frustrate the purposes of this Amendment. Congress shall not attempt to create referendum power under Article I, Section 8, Clause 18.
Though Congress does not currently have a referendum power, it may do so in the future. The Amendment gives initiatives and referenda equal precedence, the most recent prevailing.