Congress has created a Plutocracy of rich persons and corporations: The People must restore our Democratic Republic.

2.6: Initiatives Article V Ratification

Article V of the U.S. Constitution shall be, and hereby is, amended by adding a third clause consisting of the following two sentences: “The Assembly may place the Constitutional Amendment on the Ballot in each State as a Direct Constitutional Initiative and a majority vote by the People in that State shall ratify or reject it. Moreover, if 70 percent or more of the Assembly passed the proposed Constitutional Amendment, the Assembly may require that the Proposal and the Ratification of the Amendment shall be placed on the Proposal ballot for concurrent vote.”

Explanation of Initiatives Article V Ratification

The 27th Amendment was submitted by Congress to the states for ratification in 1789 and ratified in 1992—202 years later. Long delays are contrary to the purpose of this Amendment—delays are counterproductive. Instead, Moreover, many State Governments are becoming increasingly affected by Plutocratic corruption. To remedy this, the People of that State may make the decision, their votes emulating their elected State legislature’s vote.

Normally, there is a delay of several years between between Proposal and the Ratification of a Constitutional Amendment. Such delays can be avoided by a 70 percent approval vote by the Assembly.