Initiatives v Oligarchy

Our Founders' Warning: “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” (Thomas Jefferson)

3.6: Assembly Power Change Control by Supreme Court

To limit future changes in IQA powers, the Supreme Court shall have the power to require the IQA’s rules to use a supermajority vote by its Members, a double majority Direct Initiative, or a double supermajority Direct Initiative approval by the People to change a rule or implement a new rule. Whenever the IQA requests the Supreme Court, it shall promptly advise the IQA of its probable opinions on proposed rule changes.



Explanation of Assembly Power Change Control by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court can intervene to prevent the IQA from creating or changing the rules to permit too low or too high a level of approval. It assures that the IQA cannot use its rules to gain more power than intended by the Constitution. It also provides guidance to the IQA to minimize error and subsequent confusion.