Initiatives v Oligarchy

Our Founders' Warning: “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” (Thomas Jefferson)

3.1: Assembly Members are the People’s Sworn Deputies

Assembly Members shall be the People’s deputies obligated to act in the best interests for all U.S. citizens and their Constitutional rights. Assembly Members shall vote their own un-coerced independent opinion after open-minded deliberation. They shall not participate in voting for any group affiliation, vote trading, sale, or favor. Any attempts to influence or organize Assembly Members by political or any other association internal or external to the IQA shall be tampering. Any promise made by a Member to or for a person or organization that constrains or subverts their freedom to vote independently shall not be binding.

Members shall be equals and treated equally. The IQA shall pay Members for their services.



Explanation of Assembly Members are the People’s Sworn Deputies

Assembly Members' independence is important for the IQA to function effectively as the People's sworn deputies. It is necessary therefore, that special interest of Members should not form association within the IQA and that the offense will be punishable under law, otherwise substantial attempts at such influence are predictable.

Compensation is required to make mandatory participation more palatable.